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Giant Black Cocks for breakfast

If you want, we got it. We have a thriving friendly community of BBC owners and seekers from all around the world, this means regardless of your timezone, you can chat to someone about their or someone who is interested in BBC.

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History of Chat Rooms

A bit of a pivot, but there is only so much you can say about BBC, it kind of speaks for itself.. That’s why we’re going to dive deeper into a bit of history of online chat rooms, origins, progress and current relevance in today's society.

Chat rooms with the first social media, before Facebook, Tik Tok etc. AOL was the original social chat room but they date back to the 1970’s, mostly used in the tech industry between nerds. It was the 90’s when they got mainstream recognition and began to be used for entertainment purposes.

Today’s Chat Rooms

With the complexity of ever rapidly changing technology, the modern day chat room has had a bumpy ride the last decade or so. With the ditching of third party applications like Java and Flash to accommodate chatting on smaller devices like phones, we saw a huge roll back in features as the majority of usage switched from laptops and desktops, capable of handling huge loads and hardware. This means most video usage is not available on modern chat rooms accessible via a browser, an app is required.

Not for us though, we’ve pioneered a way to utilize video chat technology on the browser of cell phones.

Discord is probably one of the most popular chat software platforms, originally used by gamers, it’s quickly spread into other communities.