Posting pictures of your genitals or claims about their size is not a good chat strategy.

A kinky chat room for confessing to your deepest and darkest secrets in the comfort of an online chat room to complete strangers. The anonymity of chatting to strangers creates a safe judgement free environment making you comfortable to admit to your filthiest or weirdest sex stories or kinks.

Find like minded people or just general advice on whatever your confession entails. Read through the confessions of other users, find hot roleplay sex idea's or give some advice or pointers.

Connect with people who may have a similar sex story to you, connect and forge a relationship with someone who understands if it's a sensitive and complex problem.

Confessions chat

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Confessions Forums

Filthy Naughty Secrets

The confessions chat room is a unique chat room to our service and very valuable to many users for many different reasons. It’s designed to admit to any naughty secret from your past that you’ve never told anyone! A judgment free anonymous environment where you can get off your chest anything you may be embarrassed or ashamed of.

You don’t have to spill the beans to enjoy the benefits of this chat room, a lot of users like to lurk and find get entertainment reading the filthy sex stories and convert them into creative roleplay sex chat exchanges.

The anonymity factor of the chat rooms make it easy to unload your deepest darkest secrets to great benefits. Often tight bonds and friendships are forged when such sensitive subjects, typically that users have never discussed before with anyone suddenly can find other like minded people, or other users who have been through the same circumstance.

It's very easy to find people who have unique and taboo kinky fetishes that people are too scared to discuss in real life with friends or their significant other.

Don’t hold back!

Showing your dirty laundry in an anonymous public way like this to the effect of where others users can comment, give feedback or advice is a great way to get perspective on your story, issue or problem. Find clarity and potentially shed a different light of point of view that might change your stance or the way you feel about it.

Freely coming out and being honest about something could lead to major life changes for the better, acceptance in some cases and paths towards happiness and freedom.

Perks of getting it off your chest

The chances are your confession is not isolated to you, others have experienced or expressed interest in it. You’re going to meet like minded people who you can discuss and potentially help you achieve whatever goal or struggle is the result of your confession.

Here are some benefits to being honest and open in the Confessions Chat Room:

Sense of relief - You’ve often heard the expression “a load has been lifted” or “a weight off my shoulders” that’s what can happen when you hold information in or don’t admit or acknowledge something major from your past, or a feeling. This is not going to remove that but it can open the door and be a step in the right direction to getting there.

Perspective - The chances are whatever you’re confessing to is probably a secret, you’ve never told anyone, may feel embarrassed, ashamed or even confused as to if there is even anything wrong with it. You’ll get perspective and a better understanding if you involve others and get their opinions. It might not be as big an issue as you think.

Confessions Blogs

Connect and Understand

Better understanding your confession from the feedback of another user will shed some light and make you feel a lot better, regardless as to whether there is an answer, connecting with someone and sharing the experience will benefit you one way or another.

Victims of crime or abuse who are too shy to reach out through traditional means People who think they’re weird with a unique kink or fetish People who have bad judgment and think what they’ve done or doing is wrong

The Benefits of Random Chat to Strangers

Although the majority of the content in confessions are of past sexual experiences, sexual desires and fantasies, it is also equally as frequent for people to post genuine problems with family and real life issues. Cases of rape or incest, all different variations of abuse are sometimes present.

The chat room is very valuable to users who are having a difficult time getting this out in the correct outlet in real life and this is a way of practice or the first step of getting comfortable enough to tell someone.

Depending on the issue, it can be very difficult to talk about certain things with people you know like friends and family, which is why many people come here. There are no repercussions when admitting this to strangers, their reaction might surprise you which will give you insight and change your mind as to how your family or friends might react, making you look at the situation in a whole new light.

There is no judgment, no personal connection to you, all you’ll get from your interaction in the chat room is honest feedback from a complete stranger with no ties to you in real life, so don’t hold back!

Illegal Activities

If someone confesses to a terrible crime, report it, even though there is no way for you to verify the legitimacy of it, it’s best to be on the safe side and report the issue to our trained moderators who know what to do in this situation. We have advanced report features at the click of a button that inform human online moderators and message the appropriate authorities after being sorted through.