Posting pictures of your genitals or claims about their size is not a good chat strategy.

Couples chat is a room exclusively for online identities representing 2 or more people, meaning there are multiple people behind the user name using that device. This is more common than you would think, which is why we have a “Couples” selection when choosing a gender for logging into the chat rooms.

Couples seek other couples or individuals to enhance their sex. Using adult chat rooms is a safe and fun way to introduce other parties into their sex life on unique occasions. Whether text chatting and exchanging nude selfies, live video sex chat and performing for each other, the couples chat room is full of fun and exciting and interesting users from all walks of life.

Couples Chat

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Are you and your partner considering a third party?

This decision shouldn’t have any reflection on your relationship, make sure that you and your partner decide this together and both are comfortable with it. Set the boundaries, what is on the table and what is a hard no. Treat this like vacations or holidays, it’s lovely to get away and visit somewhere new, but you always go home and know you can’t stay forever, as much as you feel like you’d like to, it would just be wrong. That’s what group sex is like, a fun experience to enjoy in the moment, then part ways with and not get deeply connected to.

Elaborating on discussing what is acceptable or not is one of the most important aspects, everyone is different and there is a lot of choice. Here is a list of common scenarios.

  • Online Only - Strictly online, no physical contact, trading nude selfies with people online, possibly video sex chat where you and your partner perform sex acts with other people watching.

  • Voyeuring - Meeting someone or another couple in person, having sex with your partner in front of them with them only watching.

  • Threesome - Having physical sex with another person with both you and your partner, it’s possible to do this with certain aspects being off limits. This would be no penetration, the third party is simply a sex toy where you can both only touch them, etc.

  • Group Sex - A free for all sex fest with many people.

Every relationship is different, a lot of people are not cut out for most of the above list, but some people are. You really need to know who you are as well as your partner, be comfortable with yourselves and relationship to even consider this. It’s very important not to push one another, if someone is feeling a slight bit of hesitance, then it’s probably not a good idea.

Remember to not get attached, reference the “vacation” analogy, remember this is just for fun, it’s not something you can do every day in a healthy relationship. If you begin to develop feelings for the third party It’s best to be honest and deal with it before it spirals into a bad situation.

Couples Chat Blogs

Couples Sex Controversy

To anyone from the older generation or typically with old fashioned values, couples engaging in sexual acts with others is very taboo. Contrary to this it’s actually a lot more common than most would think, it’s just not typically something that is advertised by most couples publicly.

There are many forms of intimacy couples can explore with another party or parties, it doesn’t always have to be physical or in person. Chat rooms offer a great outlet for couples looking to experiment with other people in their sex life

A lot of people understandingly have an issue with sex outside of their relationship, but chat rooms give people the opportunity to invite a third party to participate without being physical. A lot of people get aroused and have better sex when they know they’re privately being watched. This is what makes couple chat rooms so exciting and fun.

Restrictions for the average couple

The biggest problem and why it took so long for couples sex to go mainstream was the ability of presenting the situation in real life. Before the internet and having the ability to anonymously approach or advertise your interest, you were stuck with social in person contact. It’s not exactly easy to present friends or a couple you see in a bar or pub with the invitation of group sex.

The average couple (depending on their dynamics and personalities) can’t exactly go on Tinder or Bumble and advertise publicly either, this disqualifies the popular dating apps that are GEO based, advertising to local people. This is where chat rooms become valuable. They provide the anonymity required for such a sensitive subject and allow you to home in on people looking for exactly what you want. You can even use local chat rooms to find people in your area.

Start Slow

To begin your couples sex excursion, why not start with an erotic roleplay sex chat, this is also a great way to get to know the third partner. Trade nude selfies, taking requests and sharing live pictures is a fun way to express yourselves and enjoy your partner while receiving positive comments on how you look.

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