Posting pictures of your genitals or claims about their size is not a good chat strategy.

Welcome to the Lounge chat room where you can connect with people from all over the world in real-time text, video or audio chat. Whether you're in search of casual conversation, seeking new friends or discussing a specific subject, the Lounge chat room is a perfect introduction to our chat room service.

A variety of chat rooms are accessible after logging in, the ability to chat in multiple rooms with tabbed private messaging is possible to help you spread out and cover more ground to find what you're looking for.

Lounge Chat

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Lounge Chat Forums

Welcome to the Lounge!

Comparable to the lobby of a hotel, the Lounge is typically the starting point to most users' chat journey on IFC. It's a good place to get a feel for the rooms and determine where to go next. The rooms list icon opens chat rooms which have more specific topics, you can join multiple chat rooms and once and flip back and forth.

Where to next?

Being a general chat room, you'll be in the presence of many peers who are here for different things. Many users join the Lounge with no expectations or intentions, just to purely see where conversation goes and what kind of interesting people they meet. Others are looking for support, they may be going through a tough time and are looking to connect with someone who's experienced the same, so it's always best to be nice and welcoming. Others are looking for advice on specific topics or issues.

Chat Rooms and Social Media:

Free chat rooms are the original social media, before Facebook, Instagram and Twitter existed, there were just online chat rooms. They're still the best outlet for a real-time connection with other people locally or from all over the world. Unlike instant messengers on popular social apps, you can chat to complete strangers and explore outside of your comfort zone.

More personal interaction:

There are two important factors as to why chat rooms with strangers are so beneficial to people who have legitimate issues and real road blocks in their life as to why they can’t open up to friends and family.

Chat rooms offer real-time communication in a private manner and in a disposable way, once the chat content goes out of view it’s gone forever unlike a comment or a thread on a social media site, or even a social app like Kik or SnapChat. Even though you may think the content is deleted, it’s not. Because of this people open up and get more clarity on their issue or concern.

Not having a connection to this person in real life gives you the confidence and freedom to be completely transparent and open, no holding back which gives the other party the opportunity to give you better advice. Deeper and more meaningful conversation can come from a complete stranger than your best friend.

Lounge Chat Blogs

Taking your privacy serious:

One of the most valued features of chat rooms over modern day social media and instant messenger apps like Tik Tok and SnapChat is privacy and anonymity. You cannot even begin to engage on modern social apps without surrounding a huge amount of personal data and surrendering your anonymity. Certain chat rooms allow you to get straight into the action by just providing a user name.

Diversity and inclusion:

Our chat community celebrates diversity and encourages inclusivity. We’re a warm and welcoming community of people from all walks of life, no user is turned away for and ethic, religions, cultural background or any other factor that makes us all different.

We have a thriving LGBTQ+ community consisting of gay chat rooms, lesbian chat rooms and transgendered chat rooms. Location based chat rooms for specific countries are accessible through the rooms list as well as gender orientated.

Whether you’re curious and have questions or just want to be in a surrounding with more people like you, all are welcome in our sub communities.

Appropriate conduct:

Being a meeting point for so many people of different walks of life, sometimes conflict can arise. After all this is the internet and the trolls roam quite freely. Due to this we ask everyone to appreciate each other and steer clear of communities or topics that do not sit well with you. If you don’t like something, you don’t have to be part of it, please utilize the ignore functions and block either abusive or content you don’t agree with, responding to and becoming confrontational never helps.

Human moderators (assisted by AI moderation) will intervene if the general flow of the chat room is disrupted by a handful of bad folk. Muting, kicking and banning are some of the penalties based on the severity of the transgression.