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Trans Chat, the chat room for Transgender people and those interested in meeting trans males, females and those who identify as other. This is an adult chat room, potential explicit content within.

This is a multi use chat room for people with serious issues looking for advice, help or information and others who’re looking for sex with trans people and everything in between.

We all need to respect different reasons why everyone is here and coexist. This is a welcoming and friendly community of people who are looking to make meaningful connections and friendships.

Transgender Chat

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Transgender Chat Forums

Our Trans Chat Rooms

We have a diverse group of individuals in our chat rooms ranging from advisors, help seekers, people with questions, curious straight men and women and everything in between.

Trans is a very popular sexual fetish, a lot of straight men and women are seeking sexual experiences with Trans folk looking to fulfill fantasies or find a third party to participate in sex acts with their partner.

Here to help!

We provide invaluable information to people who are suffering from lack of education, guidance or a reliable place to go and get help for any issues they may experience around the Trans gender topic. It is a very complex and sensitive subject that can isolate individuals, making them feel trapped with nowhere to turn. It’s very difficult to seek help or advice from friends for fear of not knowing how they'll react, equally difficult with family and professional help is out of reach for the average person.

We have a warm and welcoming community of users who have been through exactly where you’re heading, thought the exact same thoughts you’re thinking and figured out the path to acceptance and freedom, they’re happy to help. Everyone's situation is different, but they’ll guide you through the process they took, explain the errors they made and what they would have done differently.

Why Transgendered Chat Rooms are so helpful

When dealing with a sensitive subject such as this and all the scrutiny that comes with it, people are reluctant to open up in fear of persecution. This is why an anonymous chat room with relevant people who are or have been in the same situation provides great value to people trying to cope with recent changes or transitions.

The privacy factor provides comfort, allows individuals to fully present the issues at hand without beating around the bush.

Transgender Chat Blogs

What should I do if I am feeling confused?

Ask questions, google resources Talk to someone, therapist Lots of resources to help you It's normal, nothing wrong with you

Trans Sex Chat

On the lighter side of this chat room topic, a lot of people are here for adult sex chat. Many people share the fetish of having sex with a trans person, some find a pretty feminine girl with a nice cock irresistible, surprisingly a lot of straight men. There are many pretty shemales chatting casually, live sex video chatting with each other and posting nude selfies.

This is a great way to meet sexy trans girls in your local area or from all over the world. Be respectful and ask permission to private message someone. Remember this is a multi person chat room, be sure your intended partner has the same reasons for being in the chat room as you do.

I’m feeling confused, what should I do

If you’re having troubles and seeking help and advice, here’s some things you can do other than join the chat room and seek support.

  • Firstly you have to train your mind to understand that the troubles you’re going through are normal for people in your situation, many have felt and asked those questions before you, many will do the same after. There is nothing wrong with you as an individual and you must come to terms with that and focus on the getting past it part, not the suffering because of it. The more you dwell in the moment of pain the longer you’ll be there.

  • Google resources, be specific. Especially if you're underage. Unfortunately we have to ban people who are under the age of 18, even when they’re desperately seeking help. If you fit this criteria return to Google and seek help suitable for your age group.

  • Make a list of your problems, tackle them one at a time. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, break things down into smaller bite sized chunks.

It's not an option for most because of cost and economic situations, but professional help in the form of a therapist is helpful. You may even be able to find someone that does a free consultation and get as much info from them as possible.