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  • A perfect love is not that you never
    get angry,upset or irritated with each other...
    Its how fast you resolve & bounce back to normal
    Connection is what allows love to expand
    Without connection love has no place to go
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    But in real love there'll always be an invisible thread that connects both and that way if at all the visible connections are lost, the connection that bounds their heart will stay the same and the love will only grow stronger...
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    If someone really loves you,no matter how many other people they meet,their feelings for you wouldn’t change. I know she cannot be stolen,she is a real lover .
    Chase her,chase her when she's already yours
    That's the only way you will be assured to never lose her
    Wake up with her in arms
    Going to work place with her
    Having shower with her in the evening
    At night having sex with her and
    Finally sleeping with hugging her
    But never met her in real .How much sexy it is
    One day someone will walk in to your life
    And they become so important to you
    While you have known them such a short time
    You feel you have loved them for a lifetime
    Never leave a true relation for few faults
    Nobody is perfect,Nobody is correct
    And in the end affection is always greater than perfection
    Lust without love is pleasure
    Lust with love is passion
    Love without lust is pristine
    Love with lust is poetry
    You don't fall in love with a body,you fall in love with a soul
    Once in love with the soul everything about the body is beautiful
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    Nice one..and once u have made love to that can not find or you can not feel the same with anybody else even if he/she has to be a perfect person in every way ..coz sex is the highest of pure energy..
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