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  • Sometimes i just feel helpless
    sometimes i am hopeless
    those times i feel nothing
    those times im nothing
    and then i see you
    and you bring me back my day
    my heart
    my love and my soul
    my emotions
    my own self
    oh why is it so
    i cant describe it to you
    oh i just wanna say
    I Love You....

    -Song in making
    Maybe how bad is the day
    Maybe i cant think it all away
    But her one text makes me happy
    Takes my burden and cherish me away

    I do like her when she smiles
    I do adore her when she closes her eyes
    I just want to be with her
    But this isnt time for just wishing
    Its for working hard for the wish.......
    I do still wait
    For her msgs and attire
    That takes me away
    For the times that i feel and it makes my day
    Everytime I hold her in my arms
    Feels so lovely
    I can cant express
    Today had the noicest morning start ever and with this i wanna commit myself to a commitment or may call it a resolution that I WILL STUDY HARD AND WOULD ACHIEVE IIT MADRAS/IIT KANPUR COMPUTER SCIENCE/AEROSPACE ENGINEERING FOR THE ONE WHOM I LIKE WHOM I LOVE... And im truthful to my commitments and promises

    -- Insaan 25th May 2024.....
    Its true when I say that
    I have just lost my head
    Behind that girl
    Whom i like
    Oh why is this happening to me
    Oh why do i her in my dreamssss
    Is this what is love??
    Or just affection
    That has happened to me..
    The more i look the i get
    Addicted to you
    It just makes me happy while seeing youuu
    But its hurts everytime
    When i want to talk and you are not present
    I just confess i like youuuuuuuuuu
    I want to say your name with name
    And it sounds so beau-tifulllllll
    Indeed it does the way it gets the more i feel that i love you
    The pretty it sounds the prettier it gets in making me fall for YOUUUU
    I should've told you
    When i had the chance
    Lost back in memories we dont have
    I wanted to hold you
    In hopeless romance.. ummm
    You fade like a GHOST

    Song by BoyWithUke
    (others on post are my own lol)
    I dont know what to do
    Cause i have lost my head after you
    And i dont know where to head
    Whom to seek
    And what to do
    Cuz i like you
    Uhn uhmm... well there is a girl i have been talking to since past few days.. i do actually like her... i dont know how to ask her out for her telegram id lol if she sees this i guess she would understand it herself and if you do.. then like yea i do want to connect up with you... dont wanna miss you after this site
    (clap clap)
    I try not to remember you
    But nothing happens and still i do
    Maybe its cause im falling for you
    Oh why
    Oh why oh why
    I dont know neither do i wanna know
    I love the times with you and yea its true
    Oh i do as see the sparkle in your eye
    And i swear
    I love thaaaaaat
    As oh miss oh miss
    i love you i dont know why i do
    I dont wanna miss you
    But at last i still do its just cuz
    Cuz I love you
    The thing is that you smile
    With that gleam in your eye
    That makes me fall for you again and again
    And you leave--eee
    And i cant see
    You again...
    But i just wanna see you again-nn
    And this time
    Will hold your hand like
    As if i would never leave you agai-----n
    And this time its just mine
    And I will leave no time to get you back
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