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    It’s always after a long day we decide to sit,
    So does the nature tip sun to set!
    Paints the horizon with glooming red,
    Sometimes it changes our hearts to feel as if we fled!
    Those birds that fly across the sky,
    Are like our random thoughts riding high!
    Mornings are fine, mid days hard & evenings soothing,
    We fight, cry, laugh & smile as we sit watching sunset slowly breathing
    Was here for a long time as searching for someone true,
    Never imagined would find a sweet-tooth!
    I know you would want all chocolates and sweets,
    Do you know you also responsible of many heartbeats!
    Can’t believe we spoke on this day my mind has set,
    Shocked when you asked to write on sunset!
    Many might call you cutie pie,
    With a hard sigh not sure is this actual good bye!

    -Random Thoughts
    It’s your beauty that attracts them most,
    tend to forget what matters at most!
    If someone bullies you and approaches you like a king,
    make them realize you (Coral) do sting!
    Somehow if you fall for someone selfish,
    fry them in a pan as if they were a fish!
    They try to pluck & keep you in a booth
    Never ever get scared, my SWEET-TOOTH!
    Coral for Sweet-tooth

    If I were an ocean and,
    as you seek shelter from me!
    I would never lower my tides,
    people might see what I hide!
    It’s you, beautiful precious coral,
    do you know, you look vibrant & bit floral!
    People with intentions so bad,
    that does make one really sad!
    Probably the first word which we took into our hearts than our mind!! Crushes are always special they seem they are perfect. we bow to them, admire em.. but it takes an intellect admirer to ping back.. Let's hope our thoughts gets combined and our crush fly higher.. People can "Sush" me but "Mita" is what got me!! if you get this, you got me!!
    Being a Slut & Hunk!
    There's this fantasy with everyone, women wants an unstoppable bull and men wants a kinkier slut. It's all just for the period of time when you're all wild up. That could work in a roleplay but in real life not so much. Nobody can prolong to carry one emotion always, be flexible to play with them!
    Just wanted to write this.
    Been here on & off for a year, I have met geniune people over the time few crazy idiots who have no idea what their posts offend others. We all are adults and here for maybe different reasons, am not against sexting but the way few approach is Condemnable. Being anonymous doesn't give the right to abuse anybody. Be nice, might meet someone nicer!
    Good luck!
    - RandomThoughts.
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