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  1. CuredSoul

    Removal of picture posted by someone

    In Gujarat group, user called Anni has posted a pic by mistake and now she is unable to delete it as she is getting this error: Failed to remove media, most likely because it was already uploaded by others. If removal is urgent, contact a moderator. Please help to remove the pic
  2. CuredSoul

    New Chat Rooms!

    suggestion as in?
  3. CuredSoul

    New Chat Rooms!

    we need to have more moderators available in peak hours as so much spam and guidelines violations happening in lounge
  4. CuredSoul

    New Chat Rooms!

    hi there, I see rooms based on states are being removed since today morning, but it is not good. people like to chat in their mother tongue and rooms based on state/language does allow it. By forcing everyone to use english only as most people will left on Lounge only will terminate core idea of...
  5. CuredSoul

    Unable to login

    her username is: Cutepooja she is not able to login since 4-5 days please help.
  6. CuredSoul

    Feedback on new UI

  7. CuredSoul

    Issue with the chat interface..

  8. CuredSoul

    Lonely guy seek girl for friendship

    Hey there, working guy here who has been lonely in life and seek girl for friendship, is any girl interested?
  9. CuredSoul

    unable to load screen

    main-ifreechat-45714551c8676aedc7dc.js:13359 WebSocket connection to 'wss://' I always face this issue while using system without VPN, with VPN it gets loaded but sometimes it get me kick out from Lounge. please help