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  1. Zalim_Mard_0

    Kicker for no reason

    I have been kicked from the network for no reason. Atleast let me know why I have been kicked.
  2. Zalim_Mard_0


    Hello ifreechat moderators, I wanna inform you about an issue. I sent a url of a gif just to check if it directly take the reference of the link and share the gif in the chatroom. But as I pasted and sent the link, I get kicked from the room and now I'm unable to get into the room again. I...
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    I m 21 f virgin but I wanna fuck so bad...k

    Meet me...You definitely gonna lose your tight hole, Honey ❤️
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    Teri chut me choru fuwara ?
  5. Zalim_Mard_0

    Unable to access chatrooms ?

    Hello Mods, i'm unable to access chatrooms. It is showing me that i am not connected to internet but i am already did. I wanna make this problem solve ASAP. Please work on it ! THANK YOU !
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  7. Zalim_Mard_0

    Yesterday afternoon with my colleague's wife.

    Haa aaja neeche
  8. Zalim_Mard_0

    Yesterday afternoon with my colleague's wife.

  9. Zalim_Mard_0

    If you love it lemme know in Comments !!

  10. Zalim_Mard_0

    Ban Removal

    My old account was Zalim_Mard_1
  11. Zalim_Mard_0

    Ban Removal

    Same here. I didn't knew that in*est is banned here. I feel sorry me too want my account back please