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  1. Jamsey

    Unable to join any room showing disconnected

    We're monitoring this, please keep updating if it continues to not work.
  2. Jamsey

    Banned? Do not appeal your ban in this forum, read this post.

    Please use this ban appeal form if you cannot connect to the chat rooms. If the link doesn't work, Click "Help" at the bottom of the page, then click on the link to the ban URL
  3. Jamsey

    New Chat Rooms!

    If you would like to see more chat rooms of a specific subject, genders or age group, please request here! The most popular requests will get made into chat rooms.
  4. Jamsey


  5. Jamsey

    Hey... New here... welcome me ?

  6. Jamsey

    Internet Explorer no longer supported.

    Please use Edge, Chrome or Firefox. You will not be able to use our chat rooms with Internet Explorer anymore. Thanks!
  7. Jamsey

    You should change the name

    Can't really change the name of the domain unfortunately.
  8. Jamsey

    I'm here

  9. Jamsey

    sex chat only females

    Post email addresses in private message, any public email exchanges will be deleted.
  10. Jamsey

    Hello everyone

  11. Jamsey

    You should change the name

    Thanks, it's only 3 days old so early days. Do you mean just remove the text URL under the logo? where it says ? Thanks for the feedback!
  12. Jamsey

    Hi, I'm Cozzio

    Hi all, My name is Cozzio. Welcome!