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    Body Swap

    u can have this as yours
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    yes ilayapallavan28 - hngouts
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    your ASL?

    your ASL?
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    Chat room not loading

    I can login to Ifreechat and select chatroom. but chat rooms seems to be empty (refer below image).I am having this issue in all browser for the past 1 month.. please resolve.
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    chat rooms not opening

    Your ASL Madihaa?
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    chat rooms not opening

    I can login and select chat rooms.. but rooms are not loading
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    I'm new

    hi kalai 28 m here.,,
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    Hi malayali girl is here

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    Body Swap

    Am a 28 age male. If somehow mysteriously we both had swapped bodies with each other and you wake up in my body, in my place, as me while am in yours vice versa, What will you do ???