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    Happy new year 2021

    Dear Members of FSC
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    Poem on lund

    Lund tum khade raho, Chut main pade raho. Lund jab prachand ho, To chut khand-khand ho. Lund tum khade chalo, Lund tum bhade chalo. Samne darar ho, Gand ka pahad ho. Lund tum ruko nahi, Lund tum jhuko nahi. Chut charmara uthe, Jhant kasmasa uthe. Agni sa dhadak dhadak, Chut me sarak-sarak. Jab...
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    Online Relationships

    The internet has made it possible for different people from far corners of the earth to get into unconventional set-ups like online relationships. Such connections that only exist online usually make use of sexting as a way to practice intimacy and to establish a sexual aspect to the...
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    Dear owner/ Main ADMIN OF THE SITE

    Really u r apponted some stupid peoples as a Admin on ur behalf and they have no interest to make more active ur site please give me chance i will be at least 8-10 hours every day in the favour of your site and i have no need any money for it Thank you
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    Admin Please block sexymale41

    I have noticed about Sexymale41 that he is wanting that all posts show his name so i i am doing the same from today u can block me i have no care if you are not understanding this he is advertising of other websites so please check his posts
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    Hindi sexy story ( credit Neha verma)

    मेरी सगाई की तारीख पक्की हो गई थी। मैं जब सुनील से पहली बार मिली तो मैं उसे देखती रह गई। वो बड़ा ही हंसमुख है। मज़ाक भी अच्छी कर लेता है। मैं ३ दिनों से इन्दौर में ही थी। वो मुझे मिलने रोज़ ही आता था। हम दोनो एक दिन सिनेमा देखने गए। अंधेरे का फ़ायदा उठाते हुए उन्होंने मेरे स्तनों का भी जायज़ा ले...
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    To The Admin

    Dear Admin On your site there is advertisement of other website is allow or not ? Please answer Thank you
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