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    Fsc bot is a stupid bot

    Dude typing skill is better than u ...the above mistake is due to touch issue on the phone... 2nd thing mind ur own business ... Bcz my abusing skill is so much good so keep quite
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    Remove my ban

    This fsc bot is a stupid bot ... I wroonglr use the full stop dot and this bot said i m sharing links .. What a stupidity is this ???? This bot is so stipid and thrn banned me . Remove my ban bcz this stupid bot is a idiot who dont know what is a link and wjat is a dot .
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    Fsc bot is a stupid bot

    Wrongly i use a full stop like this . And this bot blocked and banned me and saying i m sharing link ...?? What a stupid bot who dont knlw what is link and what is a full stop .. Any moderator herr who unbanned me ??? And pplz dont use this type idiot bot
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    Chudaii ka maza

    Chudaii ka maza
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    Internet Explorer no longer supported.

    Who is the moderator here ???? ... Why u ban people with a fake reason ...u bnned me for incest which a fake reason.. WTF is going on FSC banning with a fake reason ... I need a reply on this if any moderator here
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    Sex Chat Anyone...

    Cheeky r u on hangout a
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    Banned with a fake reason

    I didnt do incest but this fsc say that i did incest and so that they banned me .. U have any thing which shows that i did incest ... Its not the way to banned anyone without a proper reason ...
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    Why u banned me

    What a stupidity of the server I didnt do any incest but this say that i did incest ... R u losted of what ....??? Remove my ban
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    Maderchod sali raand

    Maderchod sali raand
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    Sex Chat Anyone...

    Hey cheeki baby