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  1. Gautam333

    Offensive ;)

    Im gonna discuss with some of my friends about filing f.i.r against this website in a cyber crime dep.because the users attain sexual misconduct , abuse ones family with slang ! And they dont give an option to remove acnt n private information like email address n Ip n they track too ! Its fun...
  2. Gautam333

    Ban Removal

    Usin numbers in chat doesnt mean i talked abt paid sex , its senseless bannin
  3. Gautam333

    Banned selfishly

    They ban everytime senseless banning
  4. Gautam333

    Banned selfishly

    Zlets talk the banning system of this Shitty app, They take offensive at banning, I don't like this app, we don't need your approval to b nywhere! This app is shut I'll rate 1/5 out of 5 . Fsc. In is a mind fck from de cheap dum PPl I'll never like to see again bye hate fcn. in