Requesting for unban


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Unban me. I don't know why I was banned and how my post was religious, I've seen many ppl posting religious contents but they are not banned, but I which accidentally posted one content got banned!
Unban me or delete my account!


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Hello everyone
I request to unban my account as i never uploaded any single photo or anything and using my account from more than 6 years and never been banned. And today also i was just online and was asking girls to chat on main page then suddenly the page got closed and then when i again refreshed the page and logging in then notice came that - Your account or client is banned: spam (a42373ee)
I swear i did not uploaded any single photo and did not even used any abusive language or anything like that as i was not even chatting to anyone and was requesting girls to chat with me too pleasing them on main page by asking to please private message me if any girl is free. But don't know how all of a sudden the page got closed and when i opened the website again and was loghing in then it showed that my account or client is banned. So, please i request to unban my account as i swear and promise i did not did anything wrong and will never ever do, so please. Please


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