Spamming restrictions needs better thought and not just blocking everyone!


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I could see, if we send few specific messages to individuals, then we start getting message stating we get muted for 1 min or 10 min etc. remember for a guy, unless he contacts individual female, no one bothers to respond! that doesn't mean such messages are spam! Without saying Hi or initiating chat, how do they continue discussion?
SPAM means:
1. same message getting shared multiple times. (define a limit).
2. copy pasting the same word or statements in same single message multiple times
3. irrespective of 1 or 2 introductory messages, still pestering the same person continuously without a single response
4. sending bulk repeated words message again and again in group without much gap.

please dont consider everything as SPAM. if sending intro message or Hi, hello cant be spam because without introduction, no one responds!