How to conduct yourself in a Chat Room.

Chat Room Etiquette

This piece gets into detail in regard to the best way to conduct yourself in an online chat room. It's essential in the pursuit of trying to achieve your goals that you behave in an appropriate manner, as first impressions are very important, especially in the digital social world. For the same reasons you wouldn't go to church without any clothes on are the exact same reasons why you should follow specific guidelines to guarantee success. The chat rooms are often crowded, there is a lot of competition for attention and it's known that those who follow these guidelines get what they came for quicker than others.


Select an appropriate user name for the first impression you want to give and the intentions you have towards your chat experience. Put some thought into it as it's normally the deal breaker as to if someone will respond to you or not. Make sure to use a name that doesn't have any personal information in it for the sake of Online Chat Safety.

Rules and Social Policies

It's a good idea to get familiar with the rules of the chat rooms, remember depending on the chat room, it may have it's own set of sub rules. Find out the do's and don'ts before charging into unfamiliar territory and potentially being penalized for breaking a rule.

Profile and Content

Register on the chat rooms, create a long term permanent user name so that people can recognize you. Upload some pictures and write some info about yourself (nothing too personal) remember to keep safety in mind. Use content that you think will help your cause, some of your best qualities and things that make you interesting.


Take a minute after to connecting to the rooms and observe the flow of the chat rooms. Read what others are typing, click on some pics, get a feel for the flow of the chat room and whether it's the right place for you. Chat a little in the main communal chat room and when comfortable, find a suitable person to private message. You just have to click on a user name to begin private messaging.

Approach with grace

Now that you're involved and chatting, it's important to be respectful to others, a contributing user to the community. Treat others as you wish to be treated, be friendly and welcoming. Welcome other new users to the chat rooms, address people by their user names (you can use the Tab key to complete usernames making it a lot quicker). When you use this method, it notifies the user they were mentioned so your message is a lot more likely to get noticed, especially in busy fast flowing adult chat rooms.

Avoid Hostility

It's more than likely at some point you're going to come across some situations of hostility, chat room trolls who's purpose is just to get a reaction of others. Typically these people are being monitored and when it goes too far, removed from the chat rooms by Moderators. You'll want to avoid participating in any of this kind of behavior, 1) because it's not beneficial to the community and 2) you don't want to be banned with the trolls.


One of the most important facts about anonymous online chat rooms is that you don't know who you're chatting with so it's important not to share important personal information. You don't know what someone is capable of or the lengths they're willing to go to cause harm to you or those close to you with that information. This reinforces the reason as to why you should behave yourself and steer clear of hostile situations.

Have Fun!

99% of the time, you'll chat with fun friendly people locally or from all over the world, remember that's the reason you're here, to have fun!

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