1. ChasingAtaraxia

    Feedback on new UI

    New UI is oversized on PC. UserList doesn't have a scroll bar, and the wireframes for the chat tabs clip into the address/bookmarks bar of the browser.
  2. Aakash_Dixit


    Hello, I’m Aakash Dixit. I’m a Banker living in Pune, Maharashtra, India. I am a fan of music, travel, and innovation. I’m also interested in interior design, Photography, and Science. Well that was what a website made a default intro about me according to my interests and tastes. So who am I...
  3. Aakash_Dixit

    Let's Make a Telegram Group

    Telegram is FUN, It's a Great Platform to Chat, Share Files & Voice & Video Chat. I hope Most of You People are familiar with Telegram. So, If I get 50 Comments in Support, I'll Post the Chatroom Link. Also, I've SO Many Albums & Videos to Share. Thank You.