Official Rooms chat room list

Chat Room Topic Online Users
Lounge Longue : No TOU Violations 833
SexChat Cyber Sex Chatter, and a general hub for all the naughty fun. 203
Younger4Older Younger [18 and above] seeking Older and vice-versa. No sugar. 135
RolePlay No incest. All roleplay must be 18+ 109
BDSM Bondage, Fetish, Kink and everything in-between. 63
Confessions Confess your filthiest secrets to random strangers. 45
Gay Gay Chat 42
Cam_Chat Live cam chat room 26
Tributes Submit pics for Tributes from other users. 26
Lesbian Females Seeking Females 25
Transgender Hate speech will not be tolerated. LGBT community. 20
SextChat Sexting for SnapChat, Kik, Tik Tok and Instagram 14
Mature For those that value experience. 11
PornShare Share your homemade porn of your favorites from the internet 9
Trade_Selfies Share sexy pics of yourself! 8
Couples Chat to couples. 7
BBC Not the British Broadcasting Company ;) 7
BBW Big girl love. 3

The official chat room list are permanent rooms owned and operated by the chat site. These are the most popular chat rooms, human and AI moderated for the comfort and safety of the community. Here you will find general chat rooms covering a broad range of topics that suit most people. Live online chat with adults instantly, select the chat room of your choice to join. You'll need a username, verification of your age (you must be over 18 years old) then you can begin chatting.

User-created Rooms

Chat Room Topic Online Users
TamilNadu 118
Kerala 78
Maharashtra Only English on Longue and official walls . Please dont make TOU Voilations 71
Karnataka 69
WestBengal 65
AndhraPradesh 50
Delhi 37
Gujarat 27
Gangbang 24
Telangana 21
Punjab 17
Odisha 16
Assam 11
°•○●□♤♡H0M!€$♡♤□●○•° No sexual talk and if u still do it then I will play football with you 🫢 11
Bihar 10
UttarPradesh 5
Games Donot Kill or restart Clive without a reason! Host your games here! Start a round of trivia with ~trivia, and see ~help for more games and information! For Smooth functioning of #Games room, play in turns and don't spam the room! 4
MadhyaPradesh 3
Games2 Donot Kill or restart Clive without a reason! Host your games here! Start a round of trivia with ~trivia, and see ~help for more games and information! For Smooth functioning of #Games room, play in turns and don't spam the room! 2

User chat rooms are temporary and created by users. These rooms are typically drilled down to a more specific niche or kink, for users looking to connect, share and engage with chatters who have similar interests. These are not moderated by humans but AI techniques still apply. We rely on the community to report inappropriate and suspicious behavior in user chat rooms. Typically a lot smaller due to the specificity of the topic, these rooms can be a lot of fun and help you hone in on exactly what you're looking for without spending too much time in the bigger chat rooms.

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Free Online Chat Rooms

There are ways to approach online chat rooms that will better your chances of success, whatever the reason you're here for. Here's a handful of techniques you can adopt to tip the odds in your favor.

First, choose a catchy and noticeable username, be witty and it always helps to give some indication as to why you're here.

Subtly make yourself noticed, introduce yourself on entry and give some brief (and I mean brief) information as to why you're here, what you're looking for. Don't over share by being very general and semi specific, that may be all you need to do and the relevant people will flock to you.

Engage in the public chat rooms first, strike up some conversation, request permission to private message people, using proper grammar and spelling. Depending on your gender and intentions, there is a lot of competition and you need an edge!

Join the relevant chat rooms to your requirements. Don't join the sex chat room and approach people for conversations about a popular TV show or poetry. Be aware of your surroundings and understand why people are generally here. You can do this by paying attention to the unique topic description in every chat room.

How do I know which Chat Room is best for me?

It completely depends on what you're looking for from the experience. If you want to watch live sex cams, then it needs to support video and audio chat. You definitely don't want to join the politics chat room if you're looking for horny cam sex chat.

Site and watch the content before engaging. Watching the flow of the rooms, how users are communicating. If you have specific needs and wants in the perspective of a real conversation, then a room where a constant barrage of sex gifs are being posted might not be a great fit. Keep looking for a room where there is more of a text chat flow.

Click around and try a few. Don't stop at the first few rooms you encounter, you never know what might be around the corner. Also come back and try the same chat rooms at another time of the day. These are global rooms and the mood and atmosphere changes based on time zones as completely different groups of people are online at different times.

Scan the user list, we also have features that can reorder it based on mic and cam chat status, gender, registration preference and more. Search through the userlist names and make a note of the users who have names that correspond to your narrative. The chances are the more names you notice the better that room will suit you.

Adult Sex Chat and Common Sense

This is one of those situations where it can get confusing, because the majority of the users in an adult chat room are thinking with two heads, but it's best to use the one on your shoulders first, here's why.

It's a common theme for scammers and even more dangerous people lurk in anonymous chat rooms for the primary purpose to troll or make money. It's typically harmless, they want you to click on a link and sign up so they can make money from your activity, but a handful of malicious people will try to infect you with a virus. Luckily there's some very basic common sense based guidelines to keep you safe.

Obviously never click on a link posted by another user, even if it looks legit, it can be disguised as something else.

Don't share external messenger clients like Tik Tok and SnapChat, there is nothing you can't do in the chat rooms in regards to posting pics and video cam chat so there's no need to further expose yourself and broaden your digital footprint within the rooms.

Share the bare minimum if anything when it comes to personal information. There is no reason anyone needs to know your full name, address, place of work and so forth.

Utilize the privacy settings within the chat software to block the user groups that contain the dangers. Not every guest is a creepy weirdo, but every creepy weirdo is a guest, that's why a lot of registered users opt to block all communication from guests. Sure, you'll lose some potential great sexting friends as collateral, but if you're a known sucker and tend to fall for things easily, it's better to be protected than just temporarily satisfied.