1. VinayCheng


    Hello ladies and gentlemen. I know the struggle is real out there. Use this thread to briefly tell about what are you looking for and where. Scroll and find your potential match-FWB, hookup, ONS or even a casual date. Tag only if you are from the same city as the person and have the same...
  2. M

    Any Pune girl for hookup?

    Pune girls pm for hookup and real sex. Looking for hit sexy girl for good and hot sex Regards Mayank
  3. M

    Any Pune girl for real sex?

    Pune hot sexy girls pm for real sex. Regards Mayank
  4. Deviously_Brazen_


    anyone female from kolkata for meet up in a public place at first for sure?
  5. m27tamilbangalore

    Fun in Bangalore!

    Hi Guys/Gals, M. 27 from Bangalore here. Looking for open minded people for hookups and relationships in and around Bangalore. We are looking to put together a beautiful company to indulge in fantasies and have good times. PM me and I'll bring you into the group. Stay safe and have fun ❤︎...
  6. m27tamilbangalore

    M 27 from Bangalore

    Hi, M 27 from Bangalore. Looking for open-minded people to have genuine fun. Pm me, if interested. P.S. That's me in the profile pic! Cheers!
  7. M

    Pune guy for real sex

    Any hot girl looking for real sex in pune?