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Jun 3, 2021
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I'm literally disappointed with this site!
People here are fake, I don't know why this site exist. Beacause you feel ignorance when a group of people made their groups nd talk with u like you're nothing here, that's happening cz you devlopers makes the wrong people a admin.
Here some of the admins are thinking they are something here, and they shut ur mouth up by giving uh such a fake warnings while they don't say anything to their group members.
'Novemberrains' of the shitty admin here, she just ban me cz she thinks I'm abusing her, while i get abused by 'chichorachora' a month ago but she didn't banned him cz he's best frnd of her. WTF? R u crazy?
Listen Novemberrain- teri thuth me dekhna nahi chahta agli bar, nd I'll abuse uh till I'm here cz you're doing groupism nd that's not fair! It's a NO BALL! I'll come back after 3 days to show u ur 'aukat' cz u can ban me just for 3 days nd if u can ban me for whole life then do it fucker, cz i want to be the first person here to get banned for life

Thank you,
Your dear stud.