Many People posting interfaith pics


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I just want to connect with an mod or admin that how people here are posting interfaith pics and getting away with it like no ban or action is taken on them all that Muslim account are posting such horrible pics of interfaith i reported the pic but still they are continuously posting the pics after reporting them and at morning I saw one posted a pic of muslim girls and etc he got ban due to religious etc now can u tell me this is not a hypocrisy or what please take action ASAP Screenshot_2023-05-16-16-22-08-05_deebb5f86603cd02476cec42cf7e95ae.jpgScreenshot_2023-05-16-16-21-59-64_deebb5f86603cd02476cec42cf7e95ae.jpgScreenshot_2023-05-16-16-21-52-31_deebb5f86603cd02476cec42cf7e95ae.jpg


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