Updates and Changes to our chat rooms and website

social people!

Firstly we'd like to apologize for the lack of activity as of recent. We've been caught up with other projects and the whole Covid-19 situation has thrown us off, so we thought we'd update you on some goings on, things that have gone on, and what's to come.

As you may have already noticed, the domain name was changed to iFreeChat.com. I understand this may have caused some issues for those of you who stored your login data in your browser causing you to have to login again, sorry for that! Some of the larger cell phone network providers were beginning to block the domain due to its nature, so we gave it a more suitable name, that was the reasoning behind it.

iFreeChat.com is an old domain we've owned for a while, due to this change we've noticed the side effect of a lot more people from all around the world using the website, primarily because it's now ranking in world wide Google search terms, not just Google.in. In light of this, we've modified some of the content around the site to cater for the new comers (don't worry we'll always be a sex chat service first) but we shouldn’t exclude anyone that wants to join in and chat!

This week we introduced a new chat room due to popular demand. The new Transgender LGBT chat rooms by all accounts is a success, it was widely used immediately. Thanks to the Moderator's who suggested this addition! This got us thinking so we created Chat Room Request thread on the forums. If anyone has some great ideas for new chat rooms, we're listening. Don't forget, registered users can create their own chat rooms, just one of the many perks for signing up.

As previously mentioned, due to various updates to the chat site, our great Moderation team who do an awesome job keeping the chat rooms spam free and safe and the Covid-19 stay at home order, we've seen a huge surge traffic flocking to the chat rooms. We thought this would be a good opportunity to let all our regular users know, be nice to the new comers, they may not understand the chat rooms all too well, be welcoming. And to the new users, please check out this helpful resources, the Help page will give you some insight regarding technical difficulties and compatibility issues you may face, there is also a form that can be used to contact us directly (we typically don't respond.) but that doesn't mean we don't listen. If it's a legitimate concern we'll address it (but 99% of emails are jibberish spam to be honest). This Chat Safety blog is very helpful for new chatters who wish to gain valuable insight on how to conduct yourself in the chat rooms.