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  • You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one.
    Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own.
    It's just a matter of paying attention to this miracle.”

    Paulo Coelho...​
    Savoring life's
    simple pleasures,
    |nurturing meaningful relationships,
    and pursuing passions
    fuel my happiness.
    Happiness is not a elusive destination
    but a state of mind cultivated through
    gratitude, kindness, and embracing the present moment.
    When our friends intentionally / unintentionally ignore us,
    let us approach it with an open heart and a positive perspective.
    Perhaps they are preoccupied with their own challenges or
    simply unaware of our needs at the moment.
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    People who loves us, will always know what we need. It's ok to let go. Be at peace!!
    Focusing on cultivating relationships filled with positivity and mutual growth for the benefit of the involved
    Behold, the blank mind,
    a fertile terrain where
    thoughts have yet to germinate.
    In this state of profound stillness,
    the seeds of
    inspiration await nourishment. -withlove​
    Open and Honest Communication
    Honoring commitments
    the list is never ending..
    Stimulus may evoke a maelstrom of emotions,
    tempting us to react impulsively.
    But it is in cultivating inner calmness
    that we find true wisdom​
    Excessive ego blinds us to our flaws and impedes personal growth. Balancing ego is a lifelong struggle; acknowledging our limitations, practicing humility, and embracing self-awareness can ultimately nurture a healthier and more authentic sense of self. Letting go of ego's constraints liberates our minds, allowing genuine connections and transformative experiences to unfold.​

    I've come to realize that being too honest can really screw you over. It's like those straight trees that get cut down first. It's frustrating because honest people often face the consequences first. Life isn't fair, so it's important to find a balance and sometimes bend the truth a bit to protect ourselves. It's survival, really.- withlove​
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    Well said @withlove, I liked the honesty sarcasm. But ,while the impulse to bend the truth to protect oneself is understandable on a primal level, it ultimately causes harm to individuals, relationships, and society as a whole.
    Embracing honesty and facing challenges head-on might be difficult in the short term, but it leads to personal growth, stronger relationships, and a healthier community in the long run.
    Truth and honesty, folks, are like the keys to a locked door – no need for fancy tricks or mysterious puzzles. Just keep it real, lay it all on the table, and you'll find those doors swingin' open. It may not be the exciting answer you were hoping for, but believe me, it's the simplest and most reliable path to success.
    Life's darkest phase cast shadows
    that engulfed my soul,
    suffocating my hopes and dreams.
    n the depths of despair,
    I fought bravely,
    clawing my way towards a glimmer of light,
    rising above my struggles to find strength,
    ultimately transforming my worst phase
    into a turning point that shaped
    the person I am today.

    In the depths of darkness,
    I felt my joy dissipate,
    burdened by endless struggle and heartache.
    Yet, from that lowest point,
    I unearthed a hidden strength,
    transforming my worst phase
    into a catalyst for growth and resilience,
    emerging stronger and wiser,
    ready to face life's challenges
    with newfound fortitude.
    - withlove​
    "Amidst the trials of life, newfound fortitude emerges like a steadfast beacon, guiding us through the storms and lighting the path to our own strength."
    Indeed. In life's tough times, we find strength to guide us like a shining light through storms, showing us our own resilience.
    Lost and overwhelmed,
    I stumbled through the darkest shadows,
    my spirit heavy with despair.
    But amidst the pain and chaos,
    I discovered strength and resilience,
    rising from the ashes of my worst phase,
    with newfound hope,
    determined to thrive
    and embrace the light
    that shines within.
    My dear friend,

    As you navigate through the chapters of your life, remember that your strength knows no bounds. Approach each challenge with unwavering determination, for you have the power not only to overcome but to thrive.
    Embrace the light that radiates from within you – that unique and brilliant essence that defines who you are. Let it guide you, illuminating your path and inspiring you to rise above any darkness that may come your way.
    Your journey is a testament to your resilience and potential. So, stand tall, pursue your dreams, and never forget to bask in the warmth of your own inner light.

    With unwavering support,

    Rhythm of Life
    Hey bday boy! Wish u a great yr ahead, let every mng make u smile n every n8 give u peace. Jst knw tht U r gem as a human being & I m so happy to know u in my journey n being with u as a friend n I believe we wll continue ths friendship with all our argus n fights :p Stay strong n healthy.Once again happy b'day to my good friend! May God give u all happiness :) ~sana


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    Nice words
    Remember to stay mindful in your thoughts, words, and actions. Let go of attachment to outcomes and practice non-judgment towards yourself and others.
    Embrace the present moment, for that is where true peace can be found. Remember that everything is impermanent and that change is a natural part of life. Trust in the journey and have faith that all will unfold as it should. May this reminder bring you back to your center and to a place of calm
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