1. PreetiRai


  2. Adi0069

    CuckOld and married women reply only

    CuckOld hubby and married women for fun my fantasy is fuck women in front of her husband
  3. MeAndUrWife

    Greetings from a Bull for Cuckold Couples.

    A professionally well-placed man enjoying this amazing lifestyle with couples. Sometimes I am overseas due to work so not always available here in India. I am only looking for Couples. Couples with a sexy wife and submissive/Bi cuck is an ideal match for me. Mostly involved in Cuckolding/MMF or...
  4. MeAndUrWife

    How far cuckolding goes?

    Hello all, I am an Indian living in Germany, been in this lifestyle for few years now and met few cool and decent couples. There is this couple I am involved for kinda long term and we all are enjoying it very much. Not just the fucking behind the doors but the whole erotica of romancing with...