Greetings from a Bull for Cuckold Couples.


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A professionally well-placed man enjoying this amazing lifestyle with couples. Sometimes I am overseas due to work so not always available here in India.

I am only looking for Couples.
Couples with a sexy wife and submissive/Bi cuck is an ideal match for me. Mostly involved in Cuckolding/MMF or wife-sharer stag.

Getting to know each other is the first step, I am not into jumping directly to bed. Mental comfort, class and good chemistry will decide if we will meet or not.

I have hosted couples before to my home so yes I am visitable. I assume you already know what privacy and secrecy mean in this lifestyle.

Happy to meet beginner couples but not into very young and confused couples who don't know what they want.

Interested couples can message me and let's see if we are a match.


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