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29 Y male handsome doctor in Delhi. Here to explore my kinks here. I would describe myself as a Primal predator. Assertive but not controlling. Consensual but not forceful. But definitely quite indecent and very audacious. I appreciate good humor and intellect as much as i like breasts offered with love. I love to suckle before sex, after sex or anytime anywhere without a warning. Just try to contain your surprise and go with the flow when we are together ;)

Being a doctor it's hard for me to travel but special people deserve special endeavors. I am very open minded. You can DM me for pics and other details if you're curious about my looks and other details. Discretion and privacy is important to me.

If you are a kinky lady or a girl coming to terms with who you are, and happen to come across my post - just say hi and leave inhibitions out of the door.