New Chat Rooms!


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If you would like to see more chat rooms of a specific subject, genders or age group, please request here! The most popular requests will get made into chat rooms.
Can u ensure that the site is up and running on a regular basis cos every second day or sometime many times in a day the site just crashes. So by gtg new things it is not at all visible to us


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Such fucking production, not sure why the application is not stable and every night aroun 11.30 restarts aapp stops to working for an hours. Fucking..... piece of trash


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hi there, I see rooms based on states are being removed since today morning, but it is not good.
people like to chat in their mother tongue and rooms based on state/language does allow it.
By forcing everyone to use english only as most people will left on Lounge only will terminate core idea of chat room itself.
please look into it on priority.