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Hello everybody, I am new here, but I came with a communication. I knowperhaps this isn't the best place for it, but lately I have been depressed (struggle to get out of bad, mood swings, etc) and been feeling with very low self stime. To add on this, my store has recently fallen apart, so I have been struggling financially as well. With covid and all that is happening to me, I have decided to create a Patreon page for myself, as this can be helpful both financially and in my own confidence in myself. Thought it might make me love myself more, by receiving love from strangers. I am completly amateur to this, I am 20 years old, but I am decided to make this happen.
Anyway, I came here to make a shout-out for anyone who has Patreon and would like to participate. Today I am making a sensual photoshoot and will be posting more stuff in the night.
Thank U *****://
Patreon acc: therapeuticxx