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  • Once you get a taste of peace, you’ll cut off what’s disrupting it to keep your peace!!
    With peace as my guide,
    I embrace life's challenges with optimism,
    knowing that the taste of peace
    will always prevail and lead me
    towards a brighter tomorrow.
    Stop carrying old feelings into new experiences, you never know what unfolds.
    Embracing change with open arms,
    I joyfully turn old emotions
    into vibrant experiences
    that enrich my journey
    towards a brighter future.
    When it doesn’t bother you anymore like it used to, that’s peace
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    Inner peace
    is the foundation of happiness,
    so let us choose
    positive thoughts and actions,
    and savor the joy that unfolds.​
    You have touched upon a fundamental truth, my dear.
    When we rise above the things that
    once caused us unrest and no longer
    allow them to disturb our inner peace,
    we have truly found tranquility.
    Embracing acceptance
    brings a sense of
    liberation and serenity.​
    Never underestimate kindness. Kindness comes from strength.
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    Therefore kill them with your kindness;)
    But, be kind to your body. To your ;) mind. To your feelings. And to be even kinder to your beautiful heart.
    You are absolutely right! Kindness is not a sign of weakness, but rather a display of true strength.
    It takes courage and compassion to extend a helping hand, to treat others with respect and understanding.
    It has the ability to heal wounds, mend hearts, and create a ripple effect of positivity.
    Embrace kindness, for it is the mark of a truly enlightened soul.
    We all go through disappointments, betrayals, and unfair situations. It’s easy to hold on to the hurts, think about what someone said, relive the offense. We don’t realize how much that’s souring our attitude, draining our energy, and limiting our creativity. If you’re going to fulfill your destiny, you have to get good at letting things go.
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    We open up vast reservoirs of inner strength, generating a reservoir of positive energy and boundless creativity. Embracing the power of letting go allows us to journey towards the fulfillment of our destinies, unfettered by the burdens of the past.​
    A flower never minds about how the next flower blooms. It will just bloom no matter what.
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    Does the flower's unquestioning pursuit of its own bloom reflect an enlightened state,
    liberated from all concerns beyond self-actualization?
    Or perhaps, its self-absorption obstructs the potential for harmony and collective growth?​
    The discourse lies between
    embracing individual flowering and
    fostering interdependence,
    questioning if a balance can be struck between
    self-fulfillment and collective synergy.
    always sarcastic huh??;)
    "I've transformed into a stunning butterfly,
    a testament to the beauty that blooms from patience.
    Though my time may be fleeting,
    I am not only a vivid brushstroke in nature's canvas
    but also fulfill my duty in pollinating the world.
    Yes, I am a beacon of beauty and purpose."
    In shadows cast by others' envious eyes,
    I stand strong, a star in tranquil skies,
    Persecuted, yet I choose to endure,
    For within me, a radiant light is pure.
    Their insecurities, like stormy seas,
    Seek to engulf, to weaken and appease,
    But patience blooms as petals of a flower,
    Empowering me in life's challenging hour.
    Jealous flames may flicker and try to burn,
    Yet from their heat, a steadfast lesson I discern,
    I rise above, my spirit undefiled,
    For within me, an unyielding light compiled.
    In their doubt's abyss, I find my space,
    A constellation of grace, in quiet embrace,
    Their darkness only highlights my ascent,
    As I shine like a star, serene and content.

    _ Rhythm of Life
    Despite having a tough day yesterday, I'm still me!
    There's no point dwelling on the past; I'll maintain momentum and keep moving forward.
    Change is the one constant in life that never wavers.
    As I embrace it, I'll continue growing and evolving.
    Let's focus on the present and forge ahead with determination and resilience.
    I've got this
    I will stay vulnerable, Yes !!!!
    I embrace vulnerability!
    It doesn't make me weak at all.
    It empowers me to confront any challenge that comes my way with strength and courage.
    I am capable of facing everything life throws at me.
    So, bring it on!
    With my resilient spirit, there's nothing I can't handle!
    O, I badly need that rain,
    To wash away all my tears and pain!!!
    Come, in thunders and lightning,
    And give this weary soul an awakening!!!

    - Rhythm of life!!!
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