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  • Happy B'day Sushmi


    Wishes to my favourite person, Hope this year adds alot of happiness into your life. We always had heavenly times together I’ll make sure we add few more to the ever-growing list as long as we exist together.
    "Nitham nitham nee odanja..otta vaikka nan irupen..
    Kitta vachu paathukavee uyir vaazhren di !! "
    You ve been this person for me through and through.

    Darksush will always be a wholesome memory , deep in my heart even if all this turns to dust and flames. For the nights turned to days,Sorrows that turned to laughter, .. Thankyou for being my comrade throught it all !

    Sly Bunny - Dumb Fox
    always ♥️

    I made a small memory for you to cherish the sweet little moments

    (Unwrap this slowly)
    'Promise me something Foxy. No dramatic surprises this year. Please? '

    'Sure bunny, If u insist.'

    ....and then this :D

    Beautiful people . Happy moments. Memories to hold on for a long time. Thankyou sweetheart for this .

    I would prefer to be kissing you rather than missing you..!!

    The distance may be far and wide, but my heart can cover them all. The space between us is so much more but you should know that I can't survive this place without you be on my side...!!

    Missing you badly..

    - Your Foxy ❤️
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    Always by your side, Mr.Foxy

    Buried in your arms, drenched in your kisses and immersed in your Love♥️

    - Your sweet Lil bunny
    Ladduuuu pappoii ❤️❤️

    Mudhal chinna chella sandaiyin
    mudivil muthangal parimariyathum
    muthaippai unakena oru surprise!

    Happy B'day My lil bunny !! To the most precious one I met in this virtual world.. Thanks for sharing a lot of magical moments over years and making me feel blissful .. you never failed to enthral me wid ur presence.. I'll always be happy to see you spread love & smile just like the meaning of your name "Sushmitha" .. Mwahs !!!
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    Thankyou chellakutty❤️❤️❤️

    Aiii Namma song uhhhh .....

    Taking this wish to my heart... You add magic to my dark days and sprinkle them with love and laughter! I don't know if I deserve all that Love!
    Thanks for making me feel special , silly , sensible and sexy all at once !

    Always your little bunny.
    பரிவாய் நட்பாய் அன்பாய் காதலாய் கண நேரம் கொண்டு மனக் கனம் மாற்றும் மாயக்காரி நீ
    எண்ணியது பெற்று மகிழ்வோடு இரு

    இன்று போல் என்றும்

    இனிய பிறந்தநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள் Ladduuu❤️
    Thankyou Zee for such lovely wishes !!!

    Forever in awe of ur words
    *Jumping in the air with Joy ♥️
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    என் மனதில் நான் வரைந்த ஓவியம்
    உவமை ஒன்றுமில்லை உன் அழகை சொல்ல
    என் தமிழுக்கும் பஞ்சமடி உன் வாழ்த்துப் பாட
    குடை மறந்த நாளில் வான் திறந்த மழை நீ..
    விண்மீன் சிமிட்டும் வானில் நிறைந்து நிற்கும் முழுமதி நீ.
    Kanni pennai kaiyilae
    Violin pola yendhiyae
    Vil illamal viralgalalae meettuven
    Inba ragam enna vendru kattuven ❤️

    Suda suda Sugangalai ….kodukkalam
    En kaadhal dhevadhai.. ❤️
    Thoda thoda Sirippinaal… thelikkalam
    En meedhu poo mazhai..

    Engeyo ennangal Oar oorvalam poga
    Kan konda ullangal Oar oviyam aaga
    Anandham anandhamae…

    Aval ulaga azhagiye ... ❤️❤️
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