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  • Love the worst version of you,There's lot of people to love the best but not the worst and the transfomation from worst to best is not possible without love !!!
    Ask life to take away the problems !! if life can't then ask it to give strength to go through!! For life is 100% responsible for everything you go through, Dont let it be careless about you !!!
    Love the worst version of you, There's lot of people in the world to love the best but not the worst, and the transformation from worst to best is not possible without love !!!
    why many of us becoming less or zero sensible human beings ! Fuck the pain that creates numbness in the heart !! Humanity is dying
    The more girls we come across the more it gets us into exploring them but never feel like enough or done, why is that ??
    Get That shits done which you like to ! life will make you happy sad suffer learn and gets you killed in the end anyhow ! dont postpone the joy in the name of dreams, goals, targets or any such bs, live while you are alive !!!
    It dosent hurts if we never try to hold on to anything !! But to learn that art you gotta practice a lot
    For we don't know the counts of our breathing here ! though it is fixed,
    Let's live life to the fullest until we breathe here ! For life, every moment is death unto the moment itself
    Every bond is beautiful and smooth if you dont have any expectations, and you may questions "if i should not have any expectations what's the use of bonding" Yes, bonds are not meant to fulfill anything not the need for love, bonds are only meant to share the overflowing love that occurs in you out of aloneness, all other goddam life shits that you go through has to dealt all alone ! You came alone You'll go alone
    Maybe it is time to go home !! maybe it is time to end the tour and go HOME
    we should mahn !
    For what can't be seen can be heard, for what can't be Heard can be seen, for what can't be seen or heard can be felt ! for i felt what anyone can.
    Relaxx dumbo !! You have been given into the hands of life ! life is not given into your hands!! let it take care of everything !!
    You cant stop what life is giving you and you cant hold on to what life is taking away from you !!
    i gave rest to her fingers with my head, not aware that she was using it to text the next head !!
    she thought he is in deep love with her, he proved every word true except the word "love"
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